B2B For Retailer "और कमाओ, बहुत कमाओ"

Payment Process

To process the payment for the orders please follow these steps:

1.Go to your "My Supercart" (top right on your home page)

2.Check your orders

3.If you need to cancel any order, please do so before proceeding for the payment. To cancel your order/s please follow these steps:
i) Select the Order/s that you wish to cancel..
ii) Under the "Actions" section click on the "Cancel" option.
iii) It will ask for the confirmation to cancel the order/s.
iv) Click "OK" to proceed for the cancellation of the selected order/s.

4.To pay the amount for your order/s, please follow these steps:

i) Under "My Supercart", select those orders you wish to pay for.
ii) Click on "PAY NOW" button
iii) Select the payment option - Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, Paytm

And follow the instruction of the payment gateway.

The company may add shipping charges as per the policy from time time.

Promotions are subject to change without prior notification to anybody. The company will not be responsible for effect or impact caused by these changes. Each promotion has its own terms and conditions which should be read properly before doing any transaction.